Team B’s Newest Member

22 05 2011

With Maachan now gone from Team B, that left a space missing and so Shihori Suzuki (a kenkyuusei member) has been promoted to Team B. However with her promotion, it’s left some fans fuming at this news. You see, Shihori has been promoted to Team B before and left of her own accord (in 2009) saying she wasn’t good enough and that she wasn’t giving it all her all. And that was even before she even got to perform with Team B! She must have realised that she made a bad judgement because it wasn’t too long that she reapplied to be a kenkyuusei member once more. Even though she was back as a 11th gen kenkyuusei member, she’s somehow managed to jump over the 9th and 10th gen girls who were probably hoping to nab that elusive place in Team B.

Let’s hope she makes the most out of this 2nd chance.

BTW Shihori is also the tallest member now of AKB48, even taller than Mariko!



One response

24 05 2011
Asuka Inverse

how tall is she?

She’s really cute, hope she won’t waste this second chance.

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