AKB48 – Beginner PV (The Uncensored Version)

23 05 2011

You will recall that when Beginner was released last year, there was a big fuss made about the content of the original PV version – it was too violent and there was blood letting as well. The PV was removed from all CD singles and from all TV airplays. You could only download it on a Japanese mobile phone. 7 months later and somebody has leaked the original uncensored version on Youtube and here’s your chance to see it before it disappears. At first I didn’t know what the fuss was all about. Sure there are some graphic deaths such as Kojiharu’s face being sliced in half which is nasty but there’s no blood involved until we come to Acchan that is and she spills quite a bit of the red stuff. I think it was this that prompted the most complaints. Her screaming is quite unnerving too. I like the PV. I can understand how younger fans might be traumatised by the PV so overall it was a wise decision to remove it.



2 responses

23 05 2011

I like this original PV when I saw it before on a website similar to youtube. I think it carries an emotion fitting to the song. It is violent for the younger fans of AKB I agree. I wish I have a Japanese mobile phone line just so that I can get this PV.

24 05 2011

It’s definitely too graphic for young people.

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