Senbatsu Election 2011 – Let Battle Commence!

24 05 2011

Today is the day when you can start voting in this year’s exciting senbatsu election. Battle lines have been drawn and there’s gonna be some fierce fighting taking place between Acchan and Yuko fans to see who comes out on top. But for those that are still undecided on who they’re going to be voting for, may I suggest you vote for this girl as she’s great. Who am I talking about? None other than Sasshi!! Check out the video below to see why she’s so awesome!

EDIT: There’ll be an early election result tomorrow sometime so we can see who the front runners are in the election. I’ll post the results up right here.



One response

24 05 2011

Very impressive with the ping pong trick. 🙂 Hope she lands one of the top 12 spot. 🙂

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