AKB48 – Everyday Kachuusha 2nd Day Sales

26 05 2011

After the euphoria of yesterday’s record breaking sales, would today see AKB48 do quite so well. Naturally there was gonna be a big drop saleswise but they still managed to shift an impressive 142,233 copies which bump their overall total to over a million – the final figure being 1,084,708. They are now 2nd in the best selling singles sold in a week and Mr Children are in their sights. They will beat them I think by the end of the week and in doing that AKB48 will break yet another record to the many they’ve done already.

EDIT: Regarding the news about the guy who bought 5,500 copies of the single – it’s apparently now confirmed as false. He runs a deputy service (whatever that is?) and isn’t even a Yuko fan so he must have thought he was clever to put up his pictures on the internet claiming he’d bought all the CD’s that was seen in his room.

What’s worse is one fan on Stage48 has admitted to randomly putting numbers into the voting code box and by a stroke of luck has managed to actually get a vote. This is a bloody disgrace to steal a vote. If he wanted to vote so much, couldn’t he have bought the CD like the rest of us who are supporting our idols by actually paying for their items? It’s made me sick to read about it.



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29 05 2011

Look at that gap between the two legs..

29 05 2011

I like 🙂

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