AKB48 – Everyday Kachuusha 3rd Day Sales/Reina Fujie Movie Role

27 05 2011

A quite significant drop in sales today as AKB48 shifted just 57,945 copies of their single to bring the overall total to 1,142,653. That means they have just over 65,000 more copies to sell if they need to overtake Mr Children. Hopefully they can sell around 100k over the weekend for them to smash the record.

In other news, Team K’s Reina Fujie has been cast in a new 3D horror movie. The name of the movie is “Enkiri Village: Dead End Survival” and has Reina cast as a scary evil spirit. The plot is about a shrine near a tiny village around Tokyo which is able to sever connections with evil. A TV crew visiting the area find themselves placed under a curse by the village elders. One by one they start dying at the hands of an evil spirit called Enkiri-sama played by Fujie. The movie is released in October 2011.



One response

28 05 2011

She definitely scares me here. 🙂

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