AKB48 – Everyday Kachuusha 6th Day Sales – Another Milestone Reached

30 05 2011

In my post yesterday I mentioned that another 46k copies of Everyday Kachuusha sold today would break the 1.3 million barrier and that’s exactly what’s happened. The exact total sold was 46,246 to bring the grand total sold for the 1st week to 1,333,969. Who would have thought last Wednesday when this single was released that AKB48 would not only break the million barrier with ease but smash the best selling singles sold in one week. One thing you’ve got to ask yourself is whether their next single released in August will do even better?



One response

30 05 2011

Hmm… I don’t know if the next single will do better
thats such a question!!
I mean, sales raised tremendously because it was the election single, but next single is the single with the new senbatsu members. I hope it sells well!!!!
I’m really rooting for AKB right now because they are doing soo amazingly well!!
I hope that when I go to Japan in a year or so, that they are still amazingly popular and I can see them live. I want to see how AKB has been effecting Japan!

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