Sasshi in the latest Weekly Playboy magazine

2 06 2011

I just had to make a posting about this as Sasshi adorns the cover of the latest Weekly Playboy magazine and has a couple of additional beautiful pictures of her inside.

Thankfully my 2 copies of Everyday Kachuusha came through the mail today which meant I could finally vote in the senbatsu election. I knew for certain that 1 vote would be going to Sasshi but I wasn’t sure who to give my 2nd vote to – would it be Takamina, Yuko, Harugon or Yukirin. In the end my love for Sasshi won me over and I gave her both of my votes. I’m praying that she gets into the media senbatsu next week.

I will update my Top 5 AKB48 members soon as a couple of positions have changed and I might even extend it to my favorite Top 10 members. But for now here’s some more stunning Sasshi pictures from Weekly Playboy. Enjoy!



5 responses

2 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

amazing! red suits her so well….

btw I have a question concerning the elections…

How is it that in the mixi poll, Shinoda Mariko comes first and in the senbatsu election she’s not in the top 5?

2 06 2011

Because not everyone uses Mixi
Especially the kids or old people

2 06 2011

Unlike the majority of AKB48 members whose fans are mostly male, Mariko is very popular with girls for her modelling in teenage magazines – maybe this explains why she constantly outranks Acchan on Mixi. She’s got quite a broad range of casual fans and not just wotas. In fact I’d say that most of Mariko’s popularity is outside of AKB48. Mariko’s wotas and her female fans helped her to no.3 last year in the senbatsu election and could be a factor this year as well.

3 06 2011

What is Mixi poll? šŸ™‚

3 06 2011

Mixi is a social network site in Japan like Facebook. The poll counts how many people searches for or visits a page about an AKB48 member every month….well I’m assuming that how the monthly rankings work. If anybody knows any better then please correct me.

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