2 Tracks From The New AKB48 Album

3 06 2011

Next week sees the release of AKB48’s new album Koko ni Ita Koto and somebody has been kind enough to record from the radio a couple of the tracks and upload it onto Youtube. I think AKB48 members have already been given their own copy ahead of the launch….well Yuko has had her own copy from a blog entry I read anyhow.

So take a listen to these 2 tracks below. The quality is very good even though they’re from the radio. It’s made me look forward even more now to receiving the CD through the post. The first song is the title track of the album – “Koka ni Ita Koto” and is a collaborative effort from all 4 idol groups in the 000 family (AKB48, SKE48, SDN48 and NMB48). It’s a nice sounding ballad which I really liked whilst the 2nd song is another collaboration, this time between 3 AKB48 sub-units (No Sleeves, Not yet and French Kiss) and it’s called “Kaze no Yukue”. It’s not as slow as “Koka ni Ita Koto”.

I hope listening to these 2 tracks will persuade those that have not bought the album yet to go out and get it next week. It’s sure to be a big seller.



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