Sneak Preview of the PV for Acchan’s Solo Single Flower

3 06 2011

Take a look at this clip below which has been taken from a Japanese TV programme. It’s got some making of footage plus actual scenes from the PV of Acchan’s debut solo single Flower which is released on June 22nd. What do you think of the song itself?

June is shaping up to be a very busy month for Acchan. Not only will she promoting AKB48’s new album but also her own single. I hope she won’t burn out with all the promotion stuff going on and look after herself properly.



3 responses

3 06 2011

Hmm The song sounds good and the pv looks emotional wich kind of goes with the tone of the song. In other words,thumbs up for me. Maybe i should add it in with the shipment of the AKB pvs dvd. How about you, what do you think of the song yourself?

3 06 2011

It’s a really great tune for Acchan’s debut – I like the tempo of it, it really suits the ballady type song that Flower is all about. I think this is yet another purchase for me.

3 06 2011

Wow.. A mum?? She’s only 19

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