Tomochin Quashes Sayaka Rumours

3 06 2011

Many Japanese fans have commented on last week’s AKBingo which had a Shojiki Shouji segment between Tomochin and Sayaka. The insensitive statements asked by Tomochin has prompted fans to think there’s some ill feelings between her and Team K’s captain Sayaka. News of this has reached Tomochin so to put the record straight she posted a very nice 2 shot of herself and Sayaka posing together in the hope that it’ll squash the rumours that they don’t like each other.

I think some fans don’t realise that AKBingo is scripted and whilst the statements might appear to be insensitive that’s the whole point of Shojiki Shouji – you take potshots at a fellow member in a fun and not a threatening way. Strange that nobody says anything about Takamina getting it left, right and centre in previous Shoujiki Shoji segments! I do think that many believe Tomochin is a bitchy person. It’s inevitable that in such a large group of girls some will maybe not like each other but they are professional after all and would never dare to show their contempt for a member on a TV programme. Besides Sayaka would totally kick Tomochin’s ass!!




2 responses

3 06 2011

Hahaha yes,never mess with one of the twin towers. Esp. the one holding a black belt. 🙂

4 06 2011

Just a scheme to get the popular Tomochin to help Sayaka in this senbatsu?

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