For All Mayuyu Fans Out There!

4 06 2011

Mayuyu has been on a roll over the past couple of weeks. Not content with fantastic sales for her photobook, she’s also wowing AKB48 fans in her despicable manipulative role as Nezumi in Majisuka Gakuen 2. In the latest Young Jump magazine in which she’s on the cover, there’s a special feature in which Mayuyu invites us to her own private fantasy of being in a fairground where she turns into a princess for one night. I think you’ll agree with me on seeing the pictures that she looks cute and pretty in them.



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4 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

My number one! Beautiful as usually. In the third pic she’s got a little resemblance with Airi Suzuki

4 06 2011

I hope for your sake that she does well next week when the all important senbatsu election results are announced.

4 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

Well, I’m more concerned about Suuchan and Jurina’s results… they seemed to have dropped a lot :/ was hoping to see Sumire in the 15-25 but in the first results she’s 35 (if I remember well).

Nevertheless of course, I want Mayuyu in the media senbatsu, but I’m sure she’ll get a good rank.

4 06 2011

I can’t be sure what will become of Suuchan but I’m positive that Jurina will come good in the election. ‘The Special One’ always pulls through just like last year. She trailed Rena in the 1st and midway results but eventually overtook her to make it to the media senbatsu.

5 06 2011

Jurina is like 20.. although she is only 14 in reality

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