Tomomi Itano – Ai ni Pierce

6 06 2011

Tomochin released her 2nd digital single “Ai ni Pierce” on June 1st and got a chance to perform it for 25,000 fans at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka where AKB48 were holding a handshake event. The picture above is from her performance and she looks amazing in that black outfit.

Tomochin’s 2nd physical CD single is released next month. Have a listen to “Ai ni Pierce” below. It’s another fantastic upbeat song from Tomochin.



3 responses

6 06 2011

Hey owner… Any update on the senbatsu results?
I was thinking if they have a mid-election announcement or something

Thanks Al

6 06 2011

Bone this year. Wait till thursday…

Wait! “None”, you keyb!

6 06 2011

There’s no mid-election results this year I’m afraid Joseph but you don’t have to wait long as the results come out on Thursday.

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