AKB48 – Teams A, K, B And Now Team 4!

7 06 2011

In a surprising announcement at the end of today’s performance of Himawari-gumi 1st stage, AKB48 theater manager Togasaki said that a new team will be created which will be called Team 4. Recently I posted that Fresh Lemon had been promoted from the kenkyuusei ranks but had yet to be assigned a team. She’ll now be in Team 4 along with the 9 other kenkyuusei members that were promoted in December 2010. Now you may be asking yourself there’s only 10 members here when the other teams has 16 – if they’re going to have all teams with the same number of members where are the other 6 going to be coming from? The answer is other kenkyuusei members will be filling up the necessary spots so that they can perform as a team. They’ll apparently have their own stage to perform in the future as well. Here’s the names of those in Team 4:

Ichikawa Miori
Oba Mina
Shimazaki Haruka
Shimada Haruka
Takeuchi Miyu
Nagao Mariya
Nakamata Shiori
Nakamura Mariko
Yamauchi Suzuran
Mori Anna

I’m not sure if this is going to be a permanent team or not? If members of Team A, K and B graduate will those in Team 4 move into one of them? I’m happy for the 10 girls now that their team situation has been solved but it begs the question as to whether the rest of the kenkyuusei members might be moved into a new team that could be created soon – Team 8!



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8 06 2011
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