YJ7 vs YM7 – Karaoke Video Contest Voting

8 06 2011

I haven’t mentioned this before for some reason or the other but it’s better late than never. The magazines Young Jump and Young Magazine are holding a series of contests between the 2 teams of AKB48 members who are support units for both magazines. The first contest which was a gravure one was won by YM7 and now it’s moved on to the 2nd contest – singing a karaoke video. 4 members from each team are taking part and you have a chance to vote for your favourite. Voting started on May 20th and ends on June 13th so you have 4 days left if you want to take part. I’ll tell you where and how to vote later in this post.

The songs being sung and by whom are as follows:


Miori Ichikawa – Sakuranbo by Ai Otsuka
Amina Sato – Seikan Hikou by Ai Nakajima (as Ranka Lee)
Minami Minegishi – Olivia wo Kikinagara by Anri
Yui Yokoyama – Blue Bird by Ikimonogakari


Miyu Takeuchi – Oh my Darlin by Nakanomori BAND
Mika Komori – Uso by Shido
Miho Miyazaki – So today by FTIsland
Rino Sashihara – Yeah! Meccha Holiday by Aya Matsuura

To vote you have to go here: http://www.akb48-yj7-ym7.com/vote/index.htm

To play the videos, click on a photo of the member you want to listen. After a little bit you should be able to click on the play button on the video screen. Once you click on the play button the video should start. Once you’re satisfied with having watched all videos, look at the panel below the video screen with the member names. Click on the name you want to vote for and it’s done. Simple isn’t it. Please remember you can only vote once every day from your PC.

I know I’m very biased but there’s no doubt that the most entertaining of all the videos was Sasshi’s. She looked like she was really enjoying herself and we all know how much she loves H!P. Ayaya would be proud of the way she gives her song justice!! My vote went to Sasshi………….no surprises there!!!

Tell me who you voted for.



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