Yuko Oshima New Photobook – Previews

8 06 2011

Yuko Oshima’s new photobook which is simply entitled “Yuko” is released on June 17th and will cost 1,200 yen. The cover of the PB (it’s not on this post BTW) might confuse some people as it says it’s her 1st photobook which isn’t strictly true. The other PB’s that have been released are photos only but this one is different.

This isn’t just a photobook with stunning pictures of Yuko, there are also lengthy text passages in which she talks about various stuff. Yuko went on location to Okinawa for the main part of the PB with the theme being that it’s only you and her together on holiday. The photos are supposed to show Yuko like you’ve never seen her before. Apart from visiting Okinawa, there are also photos of her going to places she went in her childhood and hanging out with friends. For those interested in what she’s talking about inside this photobook, there’s a lengthy interview in which Yuko reveals all about her life so far, where she sees herself in the future but also talks with her father, AKB48 producer Aki-P and Takamina. The honest and frank opinions inside the photobook is deliberate as Yuko wants her fans to get to know her a little bit better.

Take a look at a couple of preview shots.



6 responses

8 06 2011

Really cheap .. 1,200 yen..?

Some MM PB are like 5,000 yen

8 06 2011


8 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

Hum maybe a bit too much some of these pics…

8 06 2011

If you think these pics are a bit too much, you should see some of the other picture previews from the book. Even more skin on display!

11 06 2011

I missed the preorder cut. I hope there will still be plenty of stock on the release date. 🙂

5 09 2011

It says 1st photo book on the book. In my opinion, they called it that because it does look like a small book rather than a big magazine like photo book.

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