AKB48 Member Senbatsu Comments

9 06 2011

Just a selection of what some of the AKB48 members said during their speeches:

Acchan: I think there are people who hate me. But please don’t hate AKB. I will work hard so I can be acknowledged. I’m truly happy. I’m so grateful for all the cheering and support I’ve received. Thank you very much.

Yuko: People outside this say various things, like how about 1 vote for 1 person. But for us your love is in votes. Thank you for all the love.

Yukirin: Third place… wow. Looking at the members around me doing their best, I feel like I need to be more ambitious. Last year it was sad to get no.8.

Mayuyu: This year I get 5 again, but rathen than stability, I feel relieved. But I’m not going to let numbers dictate me. I’ve been listening to the cheers of my fans, and now they’ve reached my heart.

Tomochin: Last year, I was really happy about being in fourth place. My rank went down to eighth this year, but… I want to do my best.

Sasshi: Really, thank you so much. Last year, I was 19th, and I didn’t think I would make it into the media senbatsu.

Rena Matsui: When I joined SKE, I never dreamt about something like this. Everyone, please cheer me on after this. Thank you.

Jurina Matsui: As senbatsu drew closer, I got really nervous, as I was hoping to get one rank higher than last year, but I feel incredibly happy due to the people supporting me. No matter what position, I’ll work hard with my style. Thank you very much for supporting me.

Miichan: I was only aiming to raise my rank by one, which didn’t happen. However, I’m so happy at the increased number of people supporting me.

Sayaka: I’ve really caused many trouble and worries last year… I’m sorry. Really, thank you so much

Kitarie: I’m happy about my rank, and I’m also happy that I received more votes than last year.



9 responses

9 06 2011

Do you know why Akijo is this popular?

9 06 2011

Perhaps due to being more in the limelight with French Kiss? I’m not really sure to be honest with you. Don’t you like Akicha?

9 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

btw, Natsuki Sato’s comment (on her blog) is really heartbreaking :/

10 06 2011

What did she say?

10 06 2011

She said that she was no good and felt isolated as she did not rank. She had no confidence in herself because she always thought that the other members were more cuter, a better singer, a better dancer and smarter than her. Combined with the result yesterday made her think she was hopeless and she’s been sad and depressed this year. Natsuki thought that things would be different in this senbatsu election – she was hopeful of gaining a ranking but it was not to be but she did say she would perservere in this crushing defeat for her. She thanked the fans that support and love her.

9 06 2011

It certainly is. She really was brutally honest about her feelings in her blog entry. I feel so bad for her but I’m glad that she’s not going to bury her head in the sand or even think of quitting. She’s going to carry on and perservere. I wish her the best of luck.

10 06 2011

She is a Waseda University student

In GB, that will equate to a Oxford University student

No need to worry for her

11 06 2011

Hope she will keep working hard
She may not be a dancer or singer in the future.
But she can be a news anchor or something.

10 06 2011

Yuki looks cute in this pic. Congratulations to Acchan! Although I spent my 2 votes to Yuki and Yuko, I’m not an Acchan Hater. 🙂 Congrats to her! Looking forward to her solo that is coming out.

BTW,in the pic with Rena, we can see that Lovetan is not happy like Tomochin (in another pic) too.

Senbatsu 1st 3 spells A-K-B. LoL

Best of luck to all members! I hope their next single that will come out will be even more phenomenal than the previous one.

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