AKB48 Senbatsu Election – Comments From Members That Failed The Cut

10 06 2011

You’ve seen and heard from those that made it into the Top 40 positions but what about those that failed to make it. How do they feel? Angry, sad, rejected – I’m talking about Harukyan, Ayarin and Uchi for example.

Here are some comments from their blogs about their reaction and feelings about the election.

Nonaka Misato

To everyone who voted for me, To everyone who supported me, thank you very much. And, I’m sorry. I wasn’t able to be in the ranking. I couldn’t live up to the expectations of those who voted for me. I am disappointed. But in reality, this is what I am worth right now so there are still so many things I need to put my effort in. As a result, in order to be able to confident, after this, I am aiming to continue doing my best. I am really happy because of the people who voted for me. I’m really sorry. And thank you very very much.

Haruka Ishida

Thank you for your hard work! The general election finished, right! I was out of range this time. However, because this is one thing that I did clearly, it’s fine. I’ll harvest just this. At the handshake event after the general election’s first results, I received various words such as “Even though you didn’t get into the general election’s first announcement, I have hopes for you!”  and “You weren’t able to enter the first announcement, right! Even though I voted a lot, they became useless votes”. Everyone’s love, the votes weren’t able to make the most of them, and they died. I’m really reflecting on this. A small number of chances didn’t visit me. Because I’m writing about minus-like things, and I’ve been only thinking of things that aren’t like my usual self, I will capture the plus.

Sayaka Nakaya

It finished! The Senbatsu General Election! Everyone that supported me, I’m sorry. Nakaya wasn’t able to walk on stage. However! I understood the words from the comments, letters, and at the handshake events. There are certainly people who voted for Nakaya. I definitely won’t forget. The tickets may have become useless however…those thoughts are not useless! Thank you very much. The results are the results. I will accept them sincerely. In order to repay this favor in a different style than ranking in, I’ll do my best!

Misaki Iwasa

It just finished! For wasting all the votes that people cast for me, sorry. I’m truly sorry. Even though I had so many chances to be able to grow this year for the time being, the way home, I’ll take a trip! I’ll go out! Well I guess I’ll do that after getting home. I’m really sorry and above those inexcusable feelings for the votes that gave me a lot of love. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomomi Nakatsuka

The general election is over! First, for the people that voted for me, and the people who supported me, really, thank you very much! This year also had unfortunate results. But! I’m not going to worry about it that much. Right now, even more than my disappointed feelings, my ambition is really big. Ah, It’s not that I’m not disappointed rather, I’m really disappointed! I haven’t really given up on my dream it’s not hopeless.  I have no regrets and nothing changes from before. I have to accept reality and look forward. I’m thinking positively! No matter what the results, I’ve decided to live up to everyone’s feelings!…without changing, will you support me? To me, I need you all. I am only here because of everyone. Please, take care of me from now on.

Mayumi Uchida

The Senbatsu Elections have ended succesfully!!! My name wasn’t called to come up stage but I thought it still was a very nice event. Those who have voted for me, I’m really sorry that I didn’t enter the Senbatsu but I did the things I could do so I didn’t regret anything. That’s the decision I came to now. I faced it head on from here on out I’ll do my best again. I’ll do my best even more and more so everyone don’t abandon Uchida Mayumi and Uchida Mayumi will be counting on your support from here on out as well. I’ll definitely make my dreams come true.

Ayaka Kikuchi

It’s over. I wasn’t able to rank this time either. Everyone who cheered for me, everyone who voted for me…..I’m sorry. I planned to do my best this year in my own way. It was really frustrating But I’m not done yet…I have to do my best from now on too… So I have a request for everyone who’s cheering for me. Please watch over me from now on too…Please don’t hate me…Please don’t leave me…Please…I’ll do my best so everyone can like me more. Please follow me. Everyone who voted for me, thank you very very much. I love everyone.

As you can see most of the comments above are positive even though they’re disappointed in not making it to the senbatsu but the next comment below is really heartbreaking to read and it’s been touched upon in some comments in a previous post I made. I’m talking about Natsuki Sato baring her soul after being crushed in the election result. This is what she said (it’s rather long BTW):

Natsuki Sato

Everyone, The general election is over!! First of all, I want to say that I’m very thankful. This year’s election seems to have gone by so quickly! We always hold a meeting and they are quick with counting the ballots. Honestly, I was really worried for a long time. I, Natsuki Sato, am, in reality, no good. To start with, in the AKB context, I did not rank in the top 40 places. Next in the Team B context, as a member, I did not rank. Next in my agency’s context, I did not rank, and I was the only member not to do so…I feel like…I am burdened with this mood of isolation. These are my hardships. When they were counting up the ballots for the members, I thought about all of this.Every year when they count up the ballots, I decide to look at my surroundings. Last year when it was all over, I turned around to bow to those behind me. I was greeted with kind clapping, saving me from my useless self. This year, I thought “There are many other members feeling the same way…” It’s natural, as there were 150 people entered into the election. 110 of them certainly felt frustrated now, And all of their fans felt the same way, too.Not getting ranked really is a frustrating feeling. But even getting ranked is frustrating.

That feeling is everywhere. I thought from that perspective, Regardless of AKB, Regardless of Team B, Regardless of being the sole unranked one in my agency. AKB’s manager and my agency’s manager, these authority figures, what do they think of me? I turned around thinking it was just like last year. Originally, I had no confidence in myself. Practically every day, I thought about how there was always a girl

That was cuter than me,
That was a better singer than me,
That was a better dancer than me,
That was smarter than me.

But that isn’t the important thing! It’s all in the way you look at it. All of these excessive frames of reference that tell me I’m hopeless, And I believe them at first. Surely they might be important…As a part of AKB, Team B, and my agency, these various environments make me feel like I, as Natsuki Sato, am defined by these contexts. Besides, there can only be one winner, So I have to deal with these things. This year, I have felt sad and depressed. Such feelings tell me I’m unnecessary. Now I’m not. Because I know everyone feels like how I do.

I will now persevere to my defeat, even in crushing situations, trying to stay composed. “Like last year, I was hopeful in my blog entries,” is what I’ll say. Am I right in saying that? And do I think that through searching, I’ve been honest about it? This year, I’ll be honest in what I write. I must persevere and go for it, so I can see everyone’s smiles. While now I might feel sad about the results after they’ve finished, my sadness will be cleared away by tomorrow. Through the passage of time now at this moment, I must switch over to be persistent. It’s for my dreams!

Thank you so much. Really, I love you all so much. I wish you lots of food, lots of sleep and lots of laughter. Thank you very much for today. Tomorrow, let’s persevere together. I love you all…



2 responses

10 06 2011

wow such touching words natsuki sato!!!
I think after what she said, I am a fan of hers! 🙂
Sometimes I really hate this popularity contest of akb, but it is how they stay popular.
she looks young so she will have plenty of other chances to shine but for now, good luck sato!!

11 06 2011

Thanks for the translation

The two “scissors-paper-stone” winners didn’t make it.

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