Is Another 48 Group Based In Hokkaido In The Works?

11 06 2011

Perhaps some of you will groan about yet another 48 group appearing but it seems to be the case. With HKT48 debuting soon, you’d think Aki-P would give them a chance first and hold off from creating another new idol group so soon. Not so according to an estate agent who has leaked news that AKB48 staff members are sniffing out locations somewhere in Sapporo to build a new theater. If they find a suitable place, then auditions for a new 48 group could begin early next year.

Is Aki-P starting to get greedy now and seeing yen signs across his eyes or not? Personally I think it’s getting a bit out of hand. He should focus on the groups he’s got right now. Another 48 group can wait for the time being. I can see the Japanese public saying “oh no, not another bloody 48 group”. There’s such a thing as over exposure for the whole 48 franchise. Where is Aki-P going to stop? How many 48 groups is he thinking of starting up? Does he realise that he’ll have to write songs for them as well as the other groups.

And if this extra group to the 48 franchise does go ahead, what about next year’s senbatsu! 200 girls in the election!!



4 responses

11 06 2011

maybe after all these years of not doing any idol stuff (post onyanko) he’s written like a zillion songs lol.

11 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

I suppose that he wants to stay with the idea of “idols you can meet”, Btw, the next senbatsu election should then give a prize to 60 or 80 girls and not 40.

11 06 2011

He should restructure the Senbatsu into their relevant groups

Top 10 each for AKB, SKE, NMB and HKT

Then another overall top 10.

Makes no sense to have a long list of 40 girls

11 06 2011

I actually like both of your ideas.

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