Ayarin Apologises For Aimi Eguchi Blog Entry

17 06 2011

Ayaka Kikuchi has released a statement apologising for the blog entry she did about the rumoured ‘fake’ idol Aimi Eguchi. It’s not known whether she’s been punished or not for letting slip that Aimi was ‘fake’ but Aki-P has sent her an email saying she did nothing wrong and that she should continue as she is. She’s lucky in a way as she’s already been fired once before for having a boyfriend.

Ayarin though has stated that she was stupid for writing the blog entry and begged her fans not to abandon her and to continue to support her. There’ll be an official announcement on the 20th regarding Aimi. Finally, they’ll hopefully give us the truth about her.



3 responses

17 06 2011

That’s a stupid mistake for her to make, and it will also be a stupid mistake for the management to fire her just for this.

17 06 2011

I doubt she’ll be fired for it, probably a slap on the wrist and a warning to be careful of what she writes on her blog in the future.

17 06 2011

She’s really a trouble maker lol
Must learn how to keep secrets

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