Aimi Eguchi – How She Was Created

20 06 2011

By now, all of you should know that Aimi Eguchi has been revealed as being a fake idol created by Glico for their Aisu no Mi product. The link  (thanks Joseph) to Glico’s website and the video below shows which parts they used from various AKB48 members to create her: Yuko’s hair/body, Takamina’s outline, Acchan’s eyes, Mayuyu’s eyebrows, Tomochin’s nose and Mariko’s mouth. 12th gen kenkyuusei Yukari Sasaki provided her voice.

As this is now out in the open, Glico has unveiled a surprise on their website. You can create your own idol using parts from 47 AKB48 members. I haven’t had a go yet but might try something later on today.

Glico’s Aisu no Mi website:



7 responses

20 06 2011

Interesting. Would be really great if the campaign was launched two months earlier for April’s Fool.

20 06 2011

They achieved their goal of getting lots of attention and then participating fans

I bet the management will then get hold of information of whose body parts are the most attractive and use it to do their internal ranking

20 06 2011

If Ayarin hadn’t said anything in her blog, I’m wondering how long AKB management would have strung the fans along until they’d reveal that she was fake?

20 06 2011
Asuka Inverse

I love this song !

20 06 2011

Is there a full version of this song?

20 06 2011

Will the song become a b-side to a future AKB48 single?

21 06 2011

Probably not

Hard to dance with this song……..

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