Everyday Kachuusha Breaks Yet Another Record

21 06 2011

AKB48’s single Everyday Kachuusha has broken yet another sales record. The single has so far managed to sell 1.52 million copies in just 4 weeks and is well on it’s way to perhaps outsell Morning Musume’s Love Machine (1.64 million). The last artists to hit the 1.5 million barrier was back in 2005 when Yamapi and Kame teamed up to sing Seishun Amigo for the popular drama Nobuta wo Produce. The last female artist to achieve the same feat was MISIA nearly 11 years ago. No other artist has managed to sell 1.5 million in such a short time as AKB48.

I thought sales after the election would dry up but the single is still selling extremely well. I know I’ve said it more than once but many congratulations to AKB48. There is just no stopping them at this moment in time.



4 responses

21 06 2011

To think that Love Machine was a sensation that everyone was singing..

If AKB48 had a real sensation single, it will sell 3 million copies

2 10 2011

i’m searching for info about Atsuko Maeda in AKB48.
if knows, inform me more details about.

2 10 2011
2 10 2011

thank you!
what another occupation is her?
some girls in AKB48, who’ve a real sensation, are like in previous idol’s group, morning musume, was.
parts of girl in them must’ve something as goto maki.

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