Atsuko Maeda – Flower (Sales Figures)

23 06 2011

Acchan’s debut solo single Flower was released yesterday and is more or less set to hit the no.1 spot next week thanks to the impressive first day sales that saw 102,483 copies fly off the shelf, over double the amount that SHINee managed to sell. Naturally there was a heavy drop today but still saw Acchan hold onto the no.1 position selling 28,571 copies (10k more than SHINee). The only way SHINee can claim that no.1 spot is if Acchan’s sales drop like a lead balloon for the rest of the week but I can’t see that happening. It’s possible that Acchan could sell around 200k by the end of the week.

Congratulations Acchan, your single deserves to sell well. It’s a good positive start to your solo career.



6 responses

23 06 2011

was her opening days sales more successful than itano’s for her first single?
i mean, acchans single is sweet, but i just don’t see it selling as much as hers did because hers was soo hip hoppy and cool sounding 🙂
even though PERSONALLY, i like acchans better 🙂

24 06 2011

Her voice is so unique and so characteristic, she’s almost born to be a singer lol

24 06 2011

It’s a nice song 🙂
A good song to start her career with

24 06 2011

Yes, Acchan single sold around 16k more than Tomochin’s on her opening day. Personally I thought it would sell far more than what it’s done so far especially with Acchan regaining the no.1 position in the senbatsu election.

24 06 2011

Just a theory…maybe some of the other fans ran out of money because of their purchase of the last AKB single to support Atchan?

24 06 2011

*Acchan…sorry my bad

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