Top Money Music Acts For 2011 So Far – AKB48 vs Arashi

23 06 2011

Oricon has recently disclosed which music act has made the most money for the first 6 months of the year and it’s no surprise that the Top 2 money spinners have been AKB48 and Arashi but which act came on top?

Just about pipping Arashi to the post, AKB48 have made 6.66 billion yen (hope that’s not a bad sign – 666!) – equivalent to $82.6 million USD. Arashi came close behind with 6.59 billion yen ($81.7 million USD). The other 4 acts which have done very well in Japan includes 2 Korean groups. At no.3 come EXILE with 4.68 billion yen ($58 million USD) then comes Namie Amuro with 2.7 billion yen ($33.4 million USD) and finally comes the Korean artists – Girls’ Generation 2.6 billion yen ($32.2 million USD) and KARA 2.15 billion yen ($26.6 million USD).

Well done AKB48. Aki-P is rolling in the money and probably thinking to himself how he can make even more!!



2 responses

23 06 2011

Arashi only got 5 guys…

Anyway did they include SKE48 and NMB48 in their ranking?

24 06 2011

I’ll try and find out how SKE48 and NMB48 did in the ranking. I would think that SKE48 is in the Top 10 or thereabout as they’ve had a really good 2011 so far with Banzai Venus selling extremely well.

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