Yukirin Joins Acchan in the drama Hana no Kimi

24 06 2011

Yukirin has landed herself a plum acting role alongside Acchan in the 2011 remake of the popular drama Hana no Kimi. Acchan has the lead role as Mizuki who disguises herself as a boy in order to enrol in a prestigious male only school just to get closer to somebody she has a major crush there. Acchan’s role was made popular by Maki Horikita a couple of years ago so she has some big shoes to fill.

Yukirin will play Acchan’s rival Juri who comes from a rich family and goes to a female only school. Yukirin has vowed that since this is a drama and not real life she will do her best to challenge Acchan’s character quoting “I will not hesitate to take her on”. Sounds like fighting talk to me!!

The producer of the drama has praised Yukirin as hard working and that as her character she possesses a smile that can poison a person!

Hana no Kimi starts on July 10th. I’m looking forward to watching it.



2 responses

24 06 2011

Definitely one to look forward to, particularly because Yukirin’s image fits the character very well ❤

24 06 2011


Nice chance there

Good fit!

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