Yukirin – Oricon’s Most Lovable Weather Caster Poll

24 06 2011

In this year’s Oricon’s Top 10 most lovable weather casters in Japan, Yukirin was in 3rd place, a jump of 5 places from last year (strangely enough it matches what’s happened for her in the senbatsu election as well). She was the best placed female forecaster in the Top 10. It’s been a little over 2 years since Yukirin started doing the weather on TBS and it seems that she’s not only popular with AKB48 fans but with the general public as well.

So who exactly beat Yukirin to the top spot? Here’s the Top 10 below:

10 Hirai Noboyuki (NHK)
09 Arisa Sato (NTV)
08 Ayumi Matsumoto (TBS)
07 Morita Masamitsu (TBS)
06 Uga Natsumi (TV Asahi)
05 Misato Nagano (Fuji)
04 Minoru Kihara (NTV)
03 Yuki Kashiwagi (TBS)
02 Yoshizumi Ishihara (Fuji)
01 Takeshi Amatatsu (Fuji)

Check out Yukirin in action below:



2 responses

25 06 2011

The Top 2 are guys…


25 06 2011

She needs to improve a little more on her talking skills, it still sounds as if she is reading not reporting. Her looks and characters are already adorable, what’s left is skill 🙂 ❤

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