Shibuya’s Tsutaya Store Gets The AKB48 Experience

25 06 2011

As I reported the other day, several members of AKB48 are promoting their new PV DVD collection over at Shibuya 109 but that’s not the only location at Shibuya in which they’re heavily promoting the DVD.

Over at the music/DVD store Tsutaya which is more or less slap bang near Shibuya Crossing, AKB48 have taken over the entire 1st floor. The walls of the floor are covered with pictures and several outfits from various PV’s are dotted around the floor. A large monitor screen is also playing their PV’s. 12 members dropped by yesterday for 2 hours to sign the pictures that was up on the walls.

Check out the pictures below to see how the 1st floor of the store has been transformed into an AKB48 wonderland!

EDIT: Here’s a fan made video showing how the 1st floor of the store looked like yesterday. Judging by the large photo on the wall, the AKB48 members hadn’t arrived yet to sign it.



3 responses

27 06 2011

No wonder they updated the vegie suits for Yasai Sisters. They were planning to put it on display all along. lol

Does this store reminds you of their’s in their theater (the one on the 5th floor you mentioned)? I imagine it to look like this. Lots of merchandise. Although this looks like its filled with dvd and cds only. 🙂

30 06 2011

To be perfectly honest the official AKB48 store on the 5th floor looks nothing like what Tsutaya have done in their Shibuya store. In fact it’s pretty disappointing and bland.

1 07 2011

Hmm.. I think its much more inviting to shop here than the official store. Well, there is still ways to improve after this one came out. Or, just completely hand over the “official” title to the store in Shibuya 109. Because it gives more justice to the group’s popularity. IMHO 🙂

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