NMB48 Cause Chaotic Scenes In Osaka Shopping District

27 06 2011

Last Saturday saw NMB48 become “directors and shop owners for a day” at Osaka’s Shinsaibashi-suji shopping district. However, their surprise visit to the area caused chaotic scenes as once word had spread they were in the area, over 1000 fans flocked to see and surround them. The huge crowd jostled the idols which could have turned ugly and dangerous but thankfully no harm ever came to the girls.

The visit during early afternoon is all part of the idol group’s campaign Shinsaibashi ni, koi!! (‘Visit/Fall in love with Shinsaibashi!!’) encouraging people to head to the area. 6 NMB48 members dropped by the district. 3 become directors and 3 became shop owners for the afternoon. The girls were welcomed by everybody but as I said before, the scenes that greeted the girls once fans knew they were in Shinsaibashi could have caused an accident as fans ignored requests by security to keep back. They pushed through crowds to get a better look at their idols and to take photos of them. It was the 6 girls’ intention to have a walkaround the shopping district but that was deemed impossible due to the crowds so they only visited a couple of stores.

Organisers of the event quickly rallied 100 security personnel to try and make the situation better but fans continued to grab and touch their idols through barriers. The girls however smiled through all the uproar and chaos. I don’t think they expected such a reception!!



2 responses

27 06 2011

…Or they might have expected it?

27 06 2011

Maybe NMB management expected a big turn out but the event organisers certainly didn’t think so if they were caught on the hop by the throng that amassed to see the 6 girls.

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