AKB48 Sales Update

1 07 2011

Before I move onto AKB48, I just want to quickly update everybody on how No Sleeves are doing with sales of Kuchibiru Fureze. The first day of sales saw 42,394 copies of the single shifted which isn’t too bad and after 3 days the grand total stands at 72,931 – KARA is 10k ahead of them but they’re way behind Hey!Say!JUMP who have sold nearly 200k of their single this week so far.

Last week saw AKB48 release their PV music collection “AKB ga Ippai ~The Best Music Video~.” It was the biggest selling DVD of the week with 209,000 copies sold and as we’ve seen so far this year AKB48 are smashing records left, right and centre and now they’ve broken yet another one. They now hold the highest selling music DVD by a female artist/group in the first week easily beating the previous record holder which was Namie Amuro with 155k copies sold of her BEST FICTION TOUR DVD.

AKB48’s album “Koko no Ita Koto” continues to sell well with 715,722 sold to date and finally “Everyday Kachuusha” managed to budge another 12k to nudge the total up to 1,523,891. They still need to sell another 122,739 copies if they’re going to surpass Morning Musume’s Love Machine.



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1 07 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Currently the problem is that the releases come so quickly after each other, every week one. There’s a limit what fans can buy… at least I now carefully need to consider what to buy or not. F.ex. I preordered NMB48’s debut single (Type-A and -B) and for this reason have to skip on the new Not yet (couldn’t decide anyway if to get the actual PV or the Making of the PV, sigh. Dividing the DVD content that way is a bit off for my taste.) and SKE48 singles (still considering here though).

Perhaps one reason why no3b’s single doesn’t do better (not that it did bad at all). Still waiting for my copy of the Takamina version. 🙂

Two single releases per month (every two week) would be enough, IMHO.

1 07 2011

I’m in total agreement with you on this issue – it’s fine for those that have the money to buy everything but for those on a tight budget it’s a nightmare.

2 07 2011

Yeah seriously, this year’s been like crazy. How many CDs, DVDs have they released already? They might have just broke (or to be broken) another record: most titles released in a single year…

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