No Sleeves React To The News About Nogizaka46

1 07 2011

No Sleeves held a release event for their new single Kuchibiru Fureze yesterday and they had some words to say about the official announcement of the formation of AKB48’s rival group Nogizaka46. I don’t know if they were feigning ignorance on their part but it seemed like they didn’t know anything about this new idol group. Surely somebody at work would have mentioned something to them or they’ve heard the rumours on the grapevine. Apparently all 3 members shouted “Whaaat?” when the media asked them about Nogizaka46. Miichan even said she’d never heard about it, Takamina asked if the news was true and Kojima thought it was a joke even after seeing an item about it on the TV news that morning.

However Kojima and Miichan are a little worried about this development. They weren’t happy with the revelation about the 46 part of the new idol group’s name – “Although there are fewer members than AKB48, they will not lose”. Kojima said that perhaps Aki-P is thinking that AKB48 is lacking something for him to create a rival to them. It’s nothing to do with that. It’s all about the money and monopolising the idol industry. It was left to Takamina to show her maturity and composure when she confidently said “I’m happy. It makes me look at them with the eyes of a loving mother.

Whatever happens in the future, it’s bound to start a war of words between fans of the 2 groups.



3 responses

1 07 2011

Uh… wait, are there already fans for Nogizaka?

1 07 2011

Not at this moment obviously but there soon will be. If Nogizaka46 get off to a flier – with popularity and decent sales for their 1st single it’s bound to start a feud between their fans and AKB48 i.e the usual petty nonsense “we’re better than you”. Exactly the same thing happened with AKB48 and Morning Musume fans.

1 07 2011

i completly agree.
It’ll start a whole new war between idol groups!

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