AKB48 Janken Tournament No.2 In September

3 07 2011

Maybe some of you thought that picking the senbatsu members by doing a janken tournament for last year’s 19th single for AKB48 was going to be a one-off but it’s not anymore. It’s been announced that the tournament will be played again on September 20th at the same location as before – The Nippon Budokan. This tournament will decide who gets to be the center for AKB48’s 24th single (exact date of release unknown right now – December 2011).

All AKB48 members including the kenkyuusei students will take part but there’s a small change from last year’s. SKE48 and NMB48 members will join the tournament but their numbers will only be limited to 5 members each and to decide which 5 joins the tournament proper there’ll be a prelim round. The winners from the prelim round will then advance to join the rest of the AKB48 members.

I quite enjoyed the janken tournament last year and I’m looking forward to seeing it again. I just hope this time around that Yuko, Yukirin and Sasshi will do a lot better than last time. Can lightning strike twice for Ucchi to become the champion once more? I guess we’ll find out in September.



2 responses

3 07 2011

Excited šŸ™‚
I like this because it gives someone other than yuko, maeda, takamina, itano and kojiharu the spotlight.
I want minegashi to do well! šŸ™‚ I really love her! ā¤

4 07 2011

nakaya center!

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