New Idol Group AKG48 Hopes To Dethrone AKB48 In The Future

10 07 2011

An idol group from Gunma prefecture that started in March which boasts over 100 (yes that right 100!!) members held their 1st official event in Tokyo today. The name of the group comes from the most recognised mountain in the prefecture “Akagi” and 48 number makes no damn sense if they’ve got over 100 members. They’ve bluntly boasted though they will become just as successful as AKB48 in the future. That’s quite a bold statement. Lineup at the back of the queue girls with the rest of the other AKB imitation idol groups that have threatened to do the same.

A store in Ginza that sells products from Gunma prefecture offered the group a chance to make themselves known in Tokyo so teamG (even their teams are the same as AKB48 – well they do say that imitation in the sincerest form of flattery) came to the store and sang their hit “Knee High☆Lover” outside the store. This is apparently only the start of their activities to make themselves known to idol fans across Japan.

Check out their performance of Ponytail to Shushu below. What do you think of them?



5 responses

10 07 2011

with 100 members, maybe they can even run the own shop/theater lol

10 07 2011
Asuka Inverse

hum… was it playback right? I don0t know what to think… It’s nice that they want to flatter AKB48, but it is a bit too much….

10 07 2011

If this is their best and brightest and cutest they have to offer, as an initial public debut of some kind — I have no doubts that they will be thoroughly TRAMPLED by the talent of AKB, rather than the reverse.

12 07 2011

I guess its better than that other group that tried to imitate them before with the Beginner music (the latina group).

14 07 2011

The outfit looks awfully similar to Kashiwagi Yuki’s in a poster I have. AKG48’s “dominance” is highly doubtful, but I applaud them for somehow finding a hundred members…

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