NMB48 Holds Draw For Preliminary Janken Matches

14 07 2011

As I mentioned before, 5 members of NMB48 will have the opportunity to take part in the janken tournament to see who will take the center spot in AKB48’s upcoming 24th single. The tournament will take place at the Nippon Budokan on September 20th. Yesterday saw NMB48 hold a draw to see which members take on each other in the preliminary round of matches for them to determine which 5 advance to the tournament proper.

The matches themselves occur on July 16th at Zepp Osaka with 47 members involved. Once I get the news of who emerged victorious I’ll post the names up here.

EDIT: SKE48 also held a draw for the preliminary round of janken matches yesterday. I think both NMB48 and SKE48 will be holding their matches on July 16th.



2 responses

15 07 2011
miguel lopez

Wait… Rock paper scissors for a video??? hmmm only in japan. and Why AKB48, i get it they’re the most famous but why in theirs don’t they have enough fuss about like their own members??? or how does it work?

15 07 2011

The whole idea for the rock paper scissors tournament is to decide who gets to be in the senbatsu and more importantly the center position in the song and PV.

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