Tomochin Gives An Interview In English

14 07 2011

If you’ve bought Tomochin’s 2nd single Fui Ni you’ll notice that on one of the DVD’s there’s a very special interview that she gives completely in English. Never mind the fact that it’s scripted, you have to commend Tomochin for her effort in speaking English. I found the interviewer though to be completely patronising (the fans watching the interview are not in kindergarten anymore!), creepy, annoying and very over the top. What do you think of Tomochin’s English?



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14 07 2011


I just want to smack that interviewer upside the head. And sounds to me like Tomochin is trying too hard to get the words right, instead of just using the Japanese versions of English sounds.. like she’s actually trying to get the Rs but not really that well =P

The “Ror! Rearry?” reaction after “hearing” that Americans listen to her was just absurd. Who wrote this nonsense?

14 07 2011
Natalie 'DSQ' B.

For somone who can’t speek english at all tomo did well, but she definaly sounds like some one reading another language without ever having heard it first. I kinda couldn’t understand it that well….

Also the interview is in real life a good actress so maybe the staff asked her to speek slower and that made her patronising?

15 07 2011
miguel lopez

I think the interview is fake and they just made it and edited everything like her reactions…sucky and i’ve seen her real acting on Majisuka Gakuen

14 07 2011

Who is she then Natalie? I’ve never seen her before.

It wasn’t how she spoke that made her patronising but her manner more than anything.

17 07 2011
Natalie 'DSQ' B.

She is in a english language drama about being a english teacher in japan. It is called English Teachers. Link:

She isn’t amazing or anything but she isn’t as train reck-y as ahe is in the interview.

15 07 2011
miguel lopez

That interviewer is so annoying i just want to smack her upside the head. This interview seems so fake, I want to meet Tomochin wat she called her tomo sounds ughhh….

15 07 2011

They should have picked a better interviewer – this “AJ” gave a cringe worthy performance.

The question that pisses me off the most is the one the interviewer asks Tomochin if she’s interested in anybody. As if Tomochin would commit career suicide by confessing that she’s in a relationship with somebody.

19 07 2011
19 07 2011

For those who those who haven’t seen it, you guys should try to watch Nemousu TV season 2 where Acchan, Yuko, Kana and Mariko went to Kunitachi Kindergarten school. 🙂

Here’s a link to one.

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