A Challenge They Might Regret Doing

18 07 2011

The idol group PASSPO might be growing in popularity recently but in saying their next single will definitely be no.1 and then saying one of their members (Yukimi Fujimoto) will be going bald if that doesn’t happen is one of the most foolish challenges I’ve ever heard from anybody. The reason being is that on August 24th when “Vivi Natsu” is hitting the shops, AKB48 will also release their single “Flying Get” and there’s no way that anybody will be able to stop AKB48 from being no.1. So say goodbye to your hair Yukimi Fujimoto as you’ll be going bald soon. I wonder if her agency or PASSPO’s management will let her cut all of her hair off? The girls should have checked who they’re going up against first that week before blurting out a challenge that they have no hope of winning!



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18 07 2011

I hear that…AKB’s limited edition for the single is already pre-order sold out.

18 07 2011

I think it’s a publicity stunt, they know as well as we do that they won’t sell nearly as much, but they are getting some attention and that’s all they need for now.

18 07 2011

You could well be right about it being a publicity stunt. Why settle on just 1 member going bald, get them all to shave their hair off then they’ll be an entirely new concept – a bald idol group!!

18 07 2011
a. inverse

Passpo !!! I saw them at Japan Expo 2 weeks ago! they are amazing! Poor Yuuki… but, who knows?

19 07 2011
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