AKB48 Kenkyuusei Janken Preliminary Round Result

18 07 2011

Today was the turn of the kenkyuusei members to battle it out to secure 3 members who get the chance to take part in the AKB48 24th single Janken Tournament.

The winners were:

Rina Izuta

Anna Iriyama

Marina Kobayashi

Group A: Rina Izuta
Group B: Anna Iriyama
Group C: Marina Kobayashi

Congratulations to all 3 of them. Marina Kobayashi who managed to qualify for last year’s tournament gets another stab at trying to win this year. Is this the year of the kenkyuusei? It would be a major shock if one of the kenkyuusei were to be the eventual winner of the janken tournament.



One response

18 07 2011
tokai / binaryriot

I’m especially happy for Rina. šŸ™‚ Perhaps she makes it into the final senbatsu in September. Now, that would be something! But I think it will be much harder this year with the increased count of girls participating in the event. šŸ™‚

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