Yukirin Celebrates Her 20th Birthday On Hana no Kimi Set

18 07 2011

As it happened with Acchan when she had her 20th birthday, the cast and crew of Hana no Kimi celebrated Yukirin’s birthday by having a party on set for her. They sang a birthday song and presented her with a special cake. Acchan congratulated Yukirin and added that they should go out drinking together sometime in the future. With other AKB48 members turning 20 years old this year, there’s bound to be a big drinking spree with all of them soon. Give me a call ladies when you need some company!!

EDIT: Here’s a nice 3 shot of Acchan, Tomochin and Yukirin during a party held for them by other AKB48 members.



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18 07 2011
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19 07 2011
miguel lopez

how do japanese sing happy birthday? what are the lyrics?

19 07 2011

They sing it in English like the rest of us.

19 07 2011

Omedetou Otanjoubi (x2)
Omedetou “name”-san
Omedetou Otanjoubi


3 08 2011

Yay! Yukirin ๐Ÿ˜€

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