NMB48 Sells Big On Their Debut

20 07 2011

Today saw NMB48 release their long awaited debut single “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shōjo” and remember the punishment they have to do if they fail to hit no.1 in the charts next week: perform in their bloomers!! Judging by the 1st day sales, they have nothing to worry about as 131,654 copies flew off the shelves to give them the no.1 daily position in the Oricon charts.

For a debuting idol group this is very very impressive sales figures so many congratulations to all the members involved. The nearest competition is Tohoshinki with 75k sold of their single Superstar. Can they maintain this kind of sales for the next week – probably not which makes me worry that it might be too close for comfort when the sales figures for the week comes out next Tuesday as Tohoshinki will be right on their tails. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the sales figures in the next couple of days to see how everything pans out. Good luck to NMB48 in their quest to become no.1

EDIT: Tohoshinki are already catching up with NMB48 as they sold nearly 49k of their single today. NMB48’s sales dropped horrendously for them with only 15k sold to bring their total to 147,373. Tomorrow is going to be the day which will show whether NMB48 have the power to stay out in front of their rivals. Personally I think Tohoshinki will overtake them in overall sales but I’m hoping to be proved wrong.

EDIT: Thankfully NMB48’s fans have pulled through for them today with excellent sales of 50,240 (thanks Asuka for the heads up on this) which places them firmly with the advantage of getting that prestigious no.1 in the Oricon charts next week. They have now sold over 200k. Yesterday saw them clinging on to the lead for sales figures as both Tohoshinki and NMB48 sold quite poorly. It wasn’t enough for Tohoshinki to overtake them.



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20 07 2011
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23 07 2011

Are you surprised that the center of NMB48 (in the PV) is Watanabe Miyuki?

23 07 2011
Asuka Inverse

They sold 50k today! so they reach more than 200k !

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