Acchan’s Drama Bombs Big Time

21 07 2011

Acchan might have thought that the new drama in which she has the lead “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011” might have done well but it hasn’t, in fact it’s doing quite badly in the ratings and this could have an adverse effect on her if she wants more leading roles in the future. TV execs will take one look at the ratings and say she can’t attract audiences and ditch her.

The first episode only managed 10.1 which isn’t a disaster but not exactly brilliant either. Those hoping the ratings might improve got a shock when the 2nd episode ratings dropped like a lead balloon to only 6.0 which is not good for a primetime drama. So why is this drama not doing so well? I can’t say as I haven’t watched it yet. Could it be that it’s too soon after the last Hana no Kimi aired in 2007. If it’s the same rehashed plot as before but with new faces then perhaps audiences are saying “seen it before, can’t be bothered with this one”. Are the cast not performing up to scratch or Acchan isn’t good enough? The drama Q10 with Acchan in the lead did reasonably well with an average of 10.9 in its run so it’s hard to say what’s going wrong here. But it’s still early days with 9 more episodes still to go so ratings could pick up in the next few weeks.

I might take a look at Hana no Kimi 2011 in the near future but for now I’m sticking with the drama Marumo no Okite with those cute kids Mana Ashida and Fuku Suzuki who are the current darlings of the Japanese TV variety show scene and their catchy song Maru Maru Mori Mori. Both of them have a cameo in the 1st episode of Hana no Kimi 2011.



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21 07 2011
Asuka Inverse

Isn’t flying get the song for this drama? I wonder if it will sell well when the drama isn’t popular.

21 07 2011

That’s actually a valid point, I guess we’ll find out on August 24th.

21 07 2011

that’s soo true….
i wonder if this will harm akb possibly?

21 07 2011

i don’t think the drama will actually affect the sales of single since well, the drama only has a couple of AKB members while the single has the many others that people worked so hard to vote for in the elections.

21 07 2011
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22 07 2011

I feel sad for Atsuko…Imagine having your own show be almost a fail

22 07 2011

I agree that it’s too soon after the previous “Hana no Kimi” series, unless this is a sequel which I don’t think it is.

Also, Atsuko’s just not that good an actor. It’s probably harsh to compare her to Kristen Stewart (Twilight) but it’s not far off – that same constant blank expression on her face. She’s biting off more than she can chew. Stick to supporting roles like Sayaka and Mariko do – they know their limits. She riding on popularity and that’s a bad way of growing your career post-idol.

22 07 2011

I don’t believe it’s a sequel but many are saying it’s like a parody of the original and the acting from the majority of the cast is poor.

22 07 2011

The reason for failure is very simple.

Japanese AKB48 fans are mostly average or otaku MALES.

Why will they want to watch good looking ikemen males? To feel worse off?

Replace these handsome dudes with 30 comedic balding men and you will get a record-breaking drama.

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