AKB48 x Hello Kitty Launch Event/Acchan’s Drama Ratings Improve

26 07 2011

As I reported earlier this month, AKB48 and Hello Kitty are collaborating on a range of products which are coming out on general release to the public such as notepads for example next month. Today saw Kitarie, Sasshi, Chiyuu, Akicha and Miichan attend the launch event at Sanrio Puroland. The five came out with some ridiculous comments like Kitty-chan is a senpai to idols but the best was from Chiyuu who said Kitty-chan’s movements are cute and I want to learn from her. No doubt it pleased the kiddies who adore Hello Kitty. Some of the members would like to collaborate with other Sanrio characters in the future.

Last week I said that Acchan’d drama Hana no Kimi 2011 had dropped woefully in the ratings to a meagre 6.0. The ratings did improve slightly to 7.9 with the 3rd episode. The problem with Hana ni Kimi is the number of episodes could be cut from 11 to 9 if ratings don’t drastically improve in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Kojima who is starring in the drama “Ikemen desu ne” is holding steady in the ratings so far at 11.0, improving by 0.1 percent.



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26 07 2011
tokai / binaryriot

The problem with hana kimi is that it’s nothing new/ fresh. The successful original just isn’t forgotten enough yet by the TV core audition and this new one tries more to clone rather than reinvent the story material.

I merely watch it for Fresh Lemon too. 🙂

26 07 2011

The style is the same and they follow the plot line basically, but the remake is closer to the manga and they tweak the scenes. If you notice Ouran High School Host Club, which is the third Danso drama right now got even lower score for their opening episode.

27 07 2011

I couldn’t believe it at first when I saw that Ouran had only managed 1.1% in the ratings! That’s terrible.

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