NMB48’s No.1 Bid Successful

26 07 2011

NMB48 have successfully won their challenge to become no.1 in the weekly Oricon charts and avoid having to perform in bloomers. They managed to sell 218,000 copies of  “Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo” in the end. At times it was touch and go whether they would remain on course to hit the no.1 spot with Tohoshinki staging a strong counterattack after the first day of release and coming extremely close to overtaking them. Sales of NMB48’s single dipped quite a bit on the 2nd and 3rd day of release. Perhaps the fans realised that NMB48 was in jeopardy as all of a sudden last Saturday sales rocketed back up to 50k. This was enough for them to gain a substantial gap on Tohoshinki.

Well done girls on securing your first ever no.1……hopefully the first of many for you.



4 responses

26 07 2011

So Watanabe Miyuki is the center of NMB48? Not sayaka?

26 07 2011

I think it’s a double center with Miyuki and Sayaka.

26 07 2011
Asuka Inverse

Well, the first official cover was with Sayaka in the center. Then, a few days before its release they removed her from it….

anyways, I’m glad they managed to be n°1, these bloomers are so ugly ><

26 07 2011

even though I liked to see the bloomer thing happening, the song deserves so much sales. So congrats to them!! 😀

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