AKB48 Harajuku Shop Opens

27 07 2011

Aamin, Wasamin and Lovetan came to Harajuku today to officially open the AKB48 Shop. The shop is located on the famous Takeshita Dori which I’ve walked down numerous times in the past, in fact the shop is at the top of the street right opposite the train station, next door to McDonalds. The shop is pre-opening today and tomorrow but not opening completely until Saturday.

About 150 items will be sold in the shop including food. For those that visited Hello Project’s shop in Harajuku before it closed down thinking that AKB48 ‘s shop is going to be the same are going to surprised. The interior is designed to be like a classroom with a blackboard hanging on a wall with doodles drawn by AKB48 members. In fact all 3 of the girls today drew some stuff on the blackboard. Even the shop’s staff have uniforms based on AKB48.

If you think you can just waltz in to the store from the street when it opens, I’m afraid that’s not the case at the moment. You’ll have to make a reservation on the shop’s official website. Does that mean there’s a limit to how many can enter the store in a day? Eventually the reservation system will be scrapped but when I don’t know? I hope it’ll be gone by the time I go there at the end of November.

Take a look at the pictures from inside the store and the cake that you can buy there too.



One response

28 07 2011

mmm…That looks delicious! 🙂 Reminds me of similar cake back home.

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