AKB48 Members Search Ranking on Google

27 07 2011

AKB48 is seen to be constantly topping the search results on Google in Japan thanks to various events that have happened this year such as the senbatsu election and the upcoming janken tournament. Google have now unveiled which AKB48 members name that comes up regularly on their search results for the first half of 2011. The list below comes up with some surprises  as Acchan isn’t on the list at all and those that saw a big jump in the senbatsu election are gaining more interest from fans.The reason for Acchan’s absence more than likely is the majority of people know about her so they don’t need to google her name hence why Yuko is way down at no.9 on the list as well.

01 – Yuki Kashiwagi
02 – Rino Sashihara
03 – Kojima Haruna
04 – Sae Miyazawa
05 – Minami Minegishi
06 – Minami Takahashi
07 – Mayu Watanabe
08 – Tomomi Itano
09 – Yuko Oshima
10 – Tomomi Kasai



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27 07 2011
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