Reina Fujie Injured During Performance

28 07 2011

Reina Fujie was involved in an unfortunate accident with Miichan during a stage performance on Tuesday. During the first song, Reina ran face first into Miichan’s microphone whilst trying to adjust her position after dancing in the wrong place.  The mic came in contact with Reina’s eye and she had to withdraw from the rest of the performance. Fortunately for her, it’s not that bad of an injury. The inside of her eyelid was cut but after an examination there was no need for her to receive stitches and the eye itself wasn’t damaged during the incident. Her eyelid has swollen and will apparently take a month to heal but judging from a picture taken by Reina herself you can hardly notice the injury.

No lasting damage has been done by this accident and Miichan must be relieved that Reina is fine.



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28 07 2011

Poor Reina, get well soon. Speaking of team K thought you might like to know that one of your oshis – Ono Erena – is back in circulation and has opened a new blog. I spotted it on the Tokyohive site. Welcome back Erepyon! I hope she has success in her chosen career. Thanks for your great site.

28 07 2011

Yeah I saw that she had a new blog. I thought she’d be studying in London for more than 9 months.

28 07 2011

Me too. Perhaps she only ever intended completing 1 year at drama college here. Do you know if there were any reports of her being spotted in London – many younger Japanese tourists would surely have recognised her? Anyway, I hope it was planned and not because she didn’t settle in the UK. It’ll be interesting to see if her old AKB friends mention it in their blogs and welcome her back. Thanks again for doing the hard graft which keeps us all up to speed with developments in AKB World.

28 07 2011

Thanks for your kind comments David.

During Erepyon’s time in this country I never once saw anything that a fan had seen her around the capital – either nobody recognised her or she kept a low profile.

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