SDN48 Perform In See Through Clothes!!

29 07 2011

SDN48 took their raunchiness to another level on the 26th July during a live collaboration event “Minmin Daha presents ‘Otona no Seaside Live’ SDN48 LIVE@OTODAMA SPECIAL” in which they’re promoting the drink Minmin Daha.

In front of an enthusiastic 1000 fans at the OTODAMA SEA STUDIO, a live house in Shiohama they performed their upcoming single “Min Min Min”. But that wasn’t the highlight for the fans in attendance. During the encore in which they sang an adult version of “Everyday Kachuusha” they came out in see through clothes! I wish I had some photos of this to show you guys but unfortunately I don’t but perhaps somebody who was at the event will upload some pictures on the internet soon.

After the show was over and probably some fans needed to cool down after witnessing them performing in their revealing outfits, they handed out bottles of Minmin Daha to 100 lucky fans.



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29 07 2011
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29 07 2011
miguel lopez

I never liked SDN48 they all ways seem too revealing, perverts

30 07 2011

Where are the see-through pictures????????????? 😀

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