AKB48 Flying Get PV Pictures

30 07 2011

You saw that 2 of the CD covers for AKB48’s upcoming single “Flying Get” had an old skool kung fu movie look about it and it seems the PV is going for the same look as well. Has Aki-P been watching some old Hong Kong Shaw Brothers movies and wants to base AKB48’s PV for Flying Get as a tribute to those movies? Will there be some fighting amongst the girls in the PV? We’ll find out soon enough. Take a look at some pictures from the set of the PV below. The girls are all dressed up in chinese outfits and there’s also a picture of them in gold colored outfits. I love the pictures, they look great especially Rena and Mayuyu. I kinda like Mariko’s hairstyle too, it really suits her.



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30 07 2011

Perhaps they are extending into the Chinese market/population more.

30 07 2011
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31 07 2011
Asuka Inverse

Jurina <3, Mayuyu <3, and hum… Mariko has some funny "things", pigtails or whatever on her head xD

31 07 2011

*sing song voice* Everybody was fly-ing get-ting, ha hu Those chicks were best at kawaii-ing ha hu…

31 07 2011

ARE best, dear keyinjpop.

1 08 2011
AKB48 kungfu fighting

[…] final pic is one of the album jackets. Image via Welshjapanotaku. Share this -FacebookTwitterStumbleUponEmail Filed Under: Showbiz & Entertainment Tagged […]

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