Wall Picture Stolen From AKB Theater

30 07 2011

In a first for the AKB48 Theater, a picture has actually been stolen from the place. It’s not an actual AKB48 member picture that’s been nicked but one of Aimi Eguchi!! Somebody must be a real fan of her………..or it could be a hater that doesn’t want to see her face on the wall. How the person managed to take down the picture and sneak past the Theater staff is incredible. There’s an appeal for the thief to return the picture to the Theater. It would be a shame if security cameras have to be installed there because of one incident. It begs the question – why is her picture up on the wall anyway as she isn’t a proper member to begin with!



2 responses

30 07 2011

Just a marketing move

30 07 2011

if it is marketing move, then that’s some weird awesome shit they’re pulling off alright lol

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