DiVA Announce New Member Audition

1 08 2011

DiVA have announced that they are looking for a new member to join them and will be holding auditions to find a suitable person. The person will come from outside the OOO family. Before anybody asks, this isn’t the same as before when they were apparently going to add 6 new members to the group. You can take it now that this idea due to perhaps the fury from the fans has now been scrapped and they only want 1 new member.

Those that fancy trying out for an audition must be between 18-23 years of age and have previous dance experience.  There’ll be 3 rounds to go through for each candidate: the first will be the application process, the second will be an interview and finally the person will have to sing and dance in front of DiVA. The successful applicant will then sign with the agency Office 48 and officially join DiVA as a new member. The application closing date is August 20th.

I thought there would be plenty of candidates for an additional member within the OOO family itself but apparently Aki-P wants an outsider.



2 responses

1 08 2011

I hope they make use of their youtube channel and show vids covering the audition process, would be fun. 😀

1 08 2011

That’s a great idea hina and I really hope they do something like that.

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