Yukirin Performs Back At Her Hometown

3 08 2011

AKB48 are currently doing their nationwide tour. For Team B’s captain Yukirin it has always been a dream of hers to perform at her hometown of Kagoshima. Yukirin and her mother upped sticks to Tokyo 4 and half years ago so that she could fulfil her dreams of being an idol. But she’s never forgotten her roots and Kagoshima has always been in her thoughts. When the cities visited on AKB48’s national tour was announced, Yukirin was very excited and thought Team B would be able to perform at Kagoshima. However she was disappointed when Team 4 got that honour instead. AKB Management though had a surprise up their sleeve for her and sent Yukirin down to Kagoshima as a special guest. The place erupted when Yukirin came on stage to perform a solo number “Yokaze no Shiwaza”. The cheering became so loud that Yukirin couldn’t even hear her own voice. The experience deeply moved her. I’m happy that Yukirin’s wish to perform at Kagoshima was fulfilled. I’m sure it will stay in her memory for a long time.



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6 08 2011
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