AKB48 Heart Bras Member Names Are Revealed

4 08 2011

Peach John have unveiled the 3 AKB48 members that will promote their ‘heart bras’ and they are Yuko, Kojima and……………..Chiyuu. I really thought that Yukirin would get picked but I’m not complaining. Does seeing Kasai’s name surprise you or not?

EDIT: There’ll be a Heart Bras CM airing from the 8th August. Here are 2 behind the scenes pictures from the CM shoot.



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4 08 2011

Kasai is a surprise but i’m not complaining lol

4 08 2011
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[…] AKB48 Heart Bras Member Names Are Revealed – IXA Ready – Fist On! The three idols are named, and it looks like most fans were two-thirds right. I batted zero for zero. […]

5 08 2011

One from Team A, one from Team K and one from Team B. Just nice, in fact, very nice…

I’m glad that Chiyuu is getting some attention even though she is not in media. She needs more ‘push’ and ‘support’… Oops, sorry for the pun…

5 08 2011
tokai / binaryriot

Maybe that pun is intended (in case of Kasai), because I really don’t see why those 3 girls need extra pushing by such a clothing part. 😀

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