AKB48 – Flying Get PV

5 08 2011

You’ve seen the previews for AKB48’s new single now watch the PV. Obviously it’s not the full 18 minute version (you’ll have to wait until you buy the CD to see the whole epic) so this is the shorter 4 minute version.

The quality isn’t what I call the best but it’s more than watchable. Enjoy!



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6 08 2011
Takamina Stars In Non-AKB Video, More Flying Get Footage Released | International Wota

[…] Appears in an American Singer’s PV – IXA Ready AKB48 – Flying Get PV – IXA […]

6 08 2011
Asuka Inverse

Honestly, I don’t like it a lot. I hope that the long version is way better. The dancing parts are weird between the fighting scenes… and they are too sharply cut….

btw… do you know how many singles the new W7 has sold this week? I forgot to check out their sales on the first day of release….

6 08 2011

Actually I need to do a post about WH7’s new single. It hasn’t done all that well compared to Valentine’s Kiss which is strange as I think Hettapi Wink is a great song. I think it sold around 33k on the 1st day. It’s been lagging in 2nd place behind KAT-TUN since Wednesday and yesterday saw it drop down to 4th in the daily charts. I think it will sell around 70-80k during the 1st week. I need to check my facts and figures first before making a post.

6 08 2011
Asuka Inverse

oh, I saw the 33k, but I thought it was for the second day of release and not for the first. If it’s really for the first, then it will be a disapointment for the girls. The song and PV are so cool!

6 08 2011

Yes, you’re absolutely spot on – 33k was for the 2nd day. The 1st day figures was 30k.

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